Did you know that often love comes wrapped in aluminum? It definitely does!

These are the BEST!

It was really encouraging to receive this delicious rack of ribs today. As we’re dealing with hitting one year mark since our girl’s final chemotherapy and the appointments that go with that, I can’t overstate how significant this gift is to us.

Yesterday started with waking up extra early to be downtown by 7 for the first set of MRIs, and 7 hours later we finished and headed out to get some food (she had to fast for the scans) then home. We are scheduled to go back Monday for results.

Enjoying the ribs, we laughed as we remembered the radiation oncologist telling us that protein was good for healing. We celebrated that meat had tasted good through treatment, even when other favorites didn’t taste good. We enjoyed some moments of yummy food together (and look forward to enjoying more tomorrow). This was a fun break in a tough week.


  1. I truly enjoy getting fed, when I was healing from hip replacement surgery. It means a lot. I does not matter if it take out or home cooked it is a pleasure. Enjoy those ribs, if I lived closer I could bring food often.
    LOVE YOU Clar

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