3 years ago

I woke up nauseous today -well, it started last night, and I had no idea why.

Then, Joanna asked to look at Facebook memories with me. I figured it out. Three years ago this was her first day of chemo.

She had already been through so much in about 2 months (multiple MRIs, PET/CT scans, blood work, 4 trips to the OR for 5 different procedures) before this, but it was another milestone.

There aren’t enough words to describe how thankful we are for how well she is doing now. Her last scans confirmed her “NED” status continues. Her next round of scans has been scheduled for early July. So, as you may be able to guess, we have joy and thankfulness for the healing, and yet, we can’t pretend that it’s all over yet. That reality is HARD!

They say our bodies keep track of trauma, and I’d say that’s been true. There are times that we struggle for no apparent reason, but then figure out it’s the anniversary of something significant.

Not that any of us really need a reminder to be kind to each other, but wow, I’ve been reminded that we never really know what others are going through, and that a friendly smile and kind greeting can go a long way.

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  1. Your entire family has been brave in sharing, brave in the face of the unknown, brave in the reality. We pray for continued NED status and continued rejoicing for good news.

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