Scan Eve

Tomorrow is “scan day” it’s been 3 months since our last scans, so it’s time. This is the one year post-treatment batch. So, we get to add some lab work to the mix.

For days now we’ve been a bit out of sorts. No, worrying about it doesn’t help -but trying to pretend it isn’t happening isn’t really successful either. So, we try to focus on some good things, and give ourselves grace for the things that go a bit awry.

On the practical side of things, it’s a day of encouraging our kiddo to drink -finding veins to insert the IV is a bit easier if we’re well-hydrated. Also, finding comfy, metal-free pants that still fit (our girl has gotten tall!), and managing the evening schedule so that she gets some good rest before our early wake-up, and plenty to eat since she has to fast until after the contrast scans are done.

I know I’ve shared some about all this in the past, but as I was on the 4th phone call of the day with the person from the MRI section I realized that the administrative side is just hard. Weeks ago I’d already had multiple conversations with the scheduling person. It was all set, and then it all changed. For a good reason, she was able to help reschedule so that Child Life staff and a service dog would be available -so cool that she watched out for that and is helping get that all arranged.

But, today, after already having it all set and then re-set weeks ago there were some changes. In the end they’ll likely be for the best, but those calls aren’t super fun.

Also -last week we had the one year follow-up with the surgeon. The great news is that what he could see all looks good. The tough part was that the parking garage exit wasn’t working right, so we sat in a line for a long time -long enough I looked up a number and called the hospital to let them know there was a problem. So, while it’s true that being stuck in the parking garage isn’t a big problem, it’s also was a bit stressful, and a reminder that we really never know what to expect at these appointments.

Yep, a year after completing the cancer treatment we are dealing with an appointment a week for 3 weeks in a row. The people we’re seeing for the appointments are great, we enjoy them, but it’s difficult to feel like the cancer is really in the past when our schedule is affected.

So, as we’ve shared much of this process as it happens, here’s my attempt at sharing where we’re at waiting for the one year scans.

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  1. I have a much better understanding about what kids and parents go through after a cancer diagnosis. I’m praying for clear scans and no more changes in scheduling. It sounds like it can be frustrating even if good. Joanna is blessed to have you as parents and you’re blessed to have her. You’re right she is getting so tall!! Growing like a weed!! Love you. ❤️

  2. Navigating all of this has been a full time plus job! Hang in there. J is blessed to have you and Morgan as her advocates. Keep up the good work! Praying for positive results.

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