Six month scans

Monday this week was the day for our 6 month post-treatment scans.

It was 3 different scans this time and the results have trickled in.

“overall good” was the phrase of the calls. There are some things on each that they’re planning to continue to watch on the next scans.

We are so thankful that they don’t see signs of malignancy! And, we’re trying to not be anxious about those things that are being monitored. We knew side effects were possible, but that doesn’t make it easy to hear or see that there may be some.

We continue to be very thankful for staff at the JEC! They worked it out for the child life specialist we spent the most time with, along with Targa the service dog and her mama to be there with our girl as she got the IV inserted so they could do the contrast part with each scan. While getting that poke wasn’t fun, it was so helpful to have those resources. And, our nurse brought in a team member who is awesome at finding a good vein – she got it in 1! Yay for the good, caring staff.


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