Planning a trip

We’re planning a road trip!

We have been accepted to attend a Lighthouse Family Retreat at St. Simons Island, GA next month. These are for families within a year of treatment for pediatric cancer. They have some planned activities and some free time for families to relax. There is scheduled time each morning for the parents to meet with others and share some about their experiences. While that’s happening the kids get to play! They have volunteer families with kids that come and they try to match them up with the participants, so chances are good that Joanna will have other girls her age to play with for the week. I’m so thankful for that. Then, in the afternoon the schedule is open for us to have fun as a family -visit the beach, play games, whatever. We’ve met another family here in OK that went last year and they had a GREAT experience.

They cover the lodging and meals at the retreat. We just have to get there 🙂

It ends up that St. Simons Island, GA is a good distance from Edmond, OK. With flights and rental car costs being what they are we decided driving would be a good plan. The Prius gets great gas mileage!

We typically turn the 735 mile drive to my dad’s house into a 2 days with a total of 14-16 hours on the road with all our stops. So, the 1,173 miles that Google estimates will take 17 hours and 19 minutes will take us… who knows! It looks like we should plan on 3 days, doing most of the driving the first 2 and then finishing up on day 3, so that we get there in time to check in at the requested time.

So, if you happen to have points or vouchers for a hotel room anywhere between Edmond and St. Simons Island that you’d like to share, we’d be glad to put it to good use 🙂

I’ve ordered a paper triptik from AAA -they still do those! So Joanna can follow along on the way and we’re starting to look at what cool things we can stop quickly and see as we go. We all 3 love making the travel as much part of the adventure as the destination. So, if you have recommendations on things to see/do along the way, feel free to share those too.

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