Scheduled Scans

We’re almost halfway through chemotherapy! So, today is scan day.

First, we go to the Children’s Hospital for a CT scan. So, nothing to eat after 7:30 this morning and nothing else to drink once we’re on the way. After they put in an IV for the contrast for the scan they’ll also draw blood for the weekly lab work. Her previous 5 scans have been at other locations, so she’s looking forward to being at the Children’s Hospital for this, and to having the person doing the IV be one who’s used to working on kids and their kid-size veins.

Once that one is finished, we go to another building around the corner for an MRI. Since it also needs contrast, the plan is to keep the IV in until that’s done. So, hopefully just one needle poke today. One thing she remembers about the last place is that “they didn’t even have a tushy cushion.” The place before that had a cushion under her knees that made things a little more comfortable -now we know to ask about that since it wasn’t provided last time.

These are both scans that Joanna has had before -but they’re at new facilities for her today (and being done for new reasons). So, in addition to the back of the mind questions about what will they find? There’s also the thoughts about knowing we only sort-of know what to expect. Every place and every experience is different. For a kiddo who likes to know what’s going on that part is a little tough.

And, having watched her enter these machines before, I know that for me, the reality of cancer hits while I sit there unable to comfort or assist her while the big, loud machine does it’s thing. It’s mornings like this that I could use some windshield wipers for my glasses and a waterproof mask πŸ™‚

So, please join us in cheering on our girl today -she’s going through things most of us thankfully don’t even have to imagine. And, she’s doing it with grace and kindness.

The round of chemo last week hit her pretty hard, she’s been feeling pretty crummy since Thursday, so I’m hoping for some relief from the nausea and general blah that she’s been experiencing.

And, please pray for Morgan and I to be granted that unexplainable peace that can come in the midst of pain and tough things.


  1. Your family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers. β€œFear not…you are mine. When you pass through the waters I will be with you…” Isaiah 43:1-2

  2. Praying for all of you today!

  3. I pray that the God of hope will fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

    This is my favorite verse to repeat over and over in situations like this, and I will be doing that for you today.

  4. Love you both. I have never been through this with a child but I was with Paul so I know some days seems to never end. You all are such a strong family. I pray and think of yo;u every day . Love Darlene

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