So much more than chicken

Love in a bag of chicken

It’s amazing how huge small things can be!

During one of our previous hospital admissions a friend offered to bring us lunch. It was great!

So, last night I texted one of the ministers who has said to let him know if there was anything we need, and asked if he may be able to find someone to bring us some lunch today. Now, I know fast food delivered to the hospital isn’t a need, but it sure helps on a tough day.

So, he went to Grandy’s as we requested to pick up some catfish… But, he got there to find a sign that the business was closed due to not paying taxes. Church’s chicken is nearby and, aside from the long line, was a great back up plan.

After not having much breakfast, it was great to see Joanna enjoy several pieces of chicken (after she pulled the skin off to avoid the gluten).

And, when a man from the maintenance department came in to check on the air conditioner that isn’t cooling and said it smelled good and he hadn’t had Church’s in years, it was so cool to have enough to be able to offer him some. He was very appreciative when he came back during his lunch break to pick up what we’d offered.

So, it may have looked like a normal transaction at the drive through, just a guy buying a box of chicken. But, what it really was, is love in action. A reminder to our family of 3 that we are loved. A reminder to our 9 year-old fighting cancer that her church family loves her and wants to do anything possible to make this horrible situation less horrible. And, it was a way to share some appreciation with an older guy doing his job trying to keep a building cool where people are working to keep kids alive.

That’s a lot of love in a box of chicken.


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