You’d think we’d learn

When we skip this ⬆️

We need this ⬇️

Starting our 10th week of chemotherapy, you’d think we would have figured out to keep the Zofran flowing. But…

Well, I will admit that Morgan has learned – he suggested Zofran yesterday and today. Both days our girl politely declined, and then ended up needing both the “barf bag” and the Zofran.

There are so many unpleasant things that aren’t really optional for Joanna right now, that when it comes to something that isn’t essential, we like to let her choose. So, we did.

The day of chemo and 2 days after we insisted on the Zofran, and didn’t need the bags. But, as we got further out and let her decide, she needed the bag. The good news is that we have plenty of them and keep them strategically placed right now. So there was just a bag to throw away and not a mess to clean up!

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