Music Therapy

I think some beautiful things may be happening behind that door right now. Joanna is in there with a nice staff member while I’m out in the atrium.

Several weeks ago Joanna met a music therapist here at the Children’s hospital. They had a nice visit, it’s hard not to have a nice visit when you’re talking to our girl!

As they were taking, the therapist found out that Joanna has a guitar that a friend gifted her that she hasn’t learned how to play yet. She has been able to work it out to meet with Joanna around her clinic appointments so that she can learn to play the guitar. What a super-fun blessing!

Joanna’s 1st guitar lesson -in the chemo pods!

I’m SO hopeful that it’s these experiences she will remember most from this season instead of the painful, scary things.

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  1. You know I LOVE this. I’m so glad she gets this experience because I wholeheartedly believe God speaks to and heals our souls through music.

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