Saturday morning

Pickles and fudge. That’s what sounded good to our girl for breakfast.

Today’s cancer fighting tools

Of course we’re working on getting some other nutritious things in her, but if that’s what she can handle today, why not?

Since it’s Saturday, she also needs to take her tablet and half of bactrim. Last weekend she had success swallowing the pills for the first time! (All the previous weeks she ate them with Nutella). The swallowing didn’t go as well today.

So, we got the mini m&m’s back out to practice a little more. No luck. Then we pulled the Nutella back out and went with the tried and true “spoonful of Nutella helps the medicine go down” method. Success!

What a relief that she was able to finally get it all in, but ugg, not fun being reminded that we really never know what to expect.

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  1. My goodness! Well, Nutella is almost as good as it gets. I seem to remember a “Cookie Butter” spread (some peanut butter, mostly sweet cookie goodness), as a recent invention. In the old days, medicine pills with ice cream worked well for me as a kid. I know it’s not the same, but perhaps there are other foodies you can add to your toolbox. I’m keeping you in my thoughts!

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