Blood Drive

Until we met with Joanna’s oncologist to talk about the treatment protocol for her cancer, I had no idea that kids undergoing chemo often need blood transfusions. She told us to expect Joanna to need blood sometime during her treatment.

She has lab work done each week, and that helps them know if she is need of red blood or platelets. If she is, our relatively short clinic visit will be extended to allow time for the transfusion in addition to her chemo infusion. So, we have a new added reason to hope that the blood blank always has enough blood available for all the people that need it for various reasons.

Because of all that, we’re excited to share some about a blood drive coming up. A Girl Scout troop is hosting a blood drive on August 1st at Camp Trivera near the OKC Zoo as part of their Silver Award. 

The troop that recruits the most donors wins a pool party! 

To help, just be sure to tell them that you’re there for Troop 678 when you go donate blood on August 1st. Appointments are available at

You can help save lives, get cool free stuff, and help some great girls win a pool party. It’s a win all-around! 

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