A distinct sound

This morning after catching up and snuggling in our room, Joanna headed out to the bathroom. As she was just outside our door I heard “the sound”.

This sound became quite familiar 8 weeks ago. We were in the hospital and it was a few hours after the chemo infusion. Prior to that she had vomited less than a handful of times after the infant spitting-up days.

Somehow we keep getting surprised when it happens on the “less chemo” weeks. For many people the weekly one doesn’t cause nausea. But, for her it does, and it appears the whole “chemo stays in your system for 48 hours” is true. It was about hour 40 that we were cleaning up the hallway today.

We have some anti-nausea medicine she can take, and we gave it to her the day and night she got chemo this week, but not yesterday, she didn’t feel like she needed it.

That is what made this morning so surprising. Just another reminder that the side effects of chemo continue and we can’t anticipate when they’ll pop up.

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