Girl Scout Cookies 2023

There were quite a few things that Joanna had to pause during her cancer treatment. To give her the best shot at staying as healthy as possible, we were pretty isolated for the year that her immune system was compromised (or wiped out) by the treatment. However, one thing she was able to keep doing was Girl Scouts.

Her troop was meeting virtually due to covid when she was diagnosed, so that worked for the those first few months. She just logged in like everyone else and participated in meetings.

Then, as restrictions for others lifted the troop met outside. She was able to attend those meetings. Sometimes going straight from her chemo infusion at the hospital to the park (and throwing up on the way or at the meeting).

She continued to learn new things and earn badges and fun patches, and set sales goals and be excited when she met them.

Last year she and a friend from Texas collected over 100 boxes of cookies to be delivered to staff at the Jimmy Everest Center -the part of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital that treats pediatric cancer patients. It was so fun to take that pile of boxes with us to one of her appointments.

She’s collecting boxes again this year for the staff there. In just 5 days she’s up to 28 boxes. She’s hoping to get 100 boxes to take to them!

It’s pretty easy to help her with this goal – you simply buy cookies online for girl delivery and put JEC after your name so that we know the cookies are for there instead of for you (of course, you can order for yourself too, we’d be glad to deliver here in Edmond/OKC)

Here’s the link:

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