This one is pretty cool!

My dad’s family decided to start a new tradition at Christmastime. Instead of a traditional gift exchange with each other, they brought wrapped presents and had an auction amongst themselves. Since he’s the oldest, he was the first to select the recipient. So, he called us!

We’ve been thankful for several great organizations that supported us through Joanna’s cancer treatment. But, we had to pick one, so the K Club was the organization we suggested they support.

On Christmas day 15 families participated in bringing items and bidding against each other. There were about 43 people there. Dad is the oldest of 10 and I’m the second oldest of 21 grandkids, so when the family gets together it can be a pretty big crowd pretty fast.

They had a great time bidding against each other and then finding out what they “won” when they opened the packages they won.

In the end $1,000 was collected to be given to the K Club here in Oklahoma City.

Receipt from the donation

There are so many great organizations that Dad could have selected, or that we could have suggested when he asked. I am so proud that we were able to help direct this to the K Club and the great work they’re doing for the pediatric cancer community here in Oklahoma.


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