Thank you! So many people have expressed love and concern to us in the past several months as Joanna went through getting diagnosed with, and is now going through treatment for cancer.

Joyful tears have flowed as we’ve received cards and texts of encouragement, meals, financial gifts, snacks, practical items, and fun things to keep Joanna occupied. We’ve seen so many coming together to encourage our sweet 9 year old (and us) and it has been amazing.

Having our Sunday morning class handle our yard for the last several months has been an amazing blessing!

Our small group coordinating a meal train has been a huge help. We’ve had such a variety of new and long-time friends sign up there and stop by with delicious meals.

We are almost at the half-way point of the 24 week treatment plan (yay!), but instead of coasting to the finish it feels like we’ve just come to another major hill to climb. Thankfully we’ve come to the end of the all-day hospitalization for chemo, but we’re now gearing up for 4 weeks of daily radiation on top of her continuing weekly chemotherapy.

As people have sought to help us make this time a bit less tough, we’ve received lots of questions about what would be helpful. So, for right now, in response to those requests, we thought we’d try a registry through Target. You can find it here:

At the moment she has plenty of new activity books and crafts to keep her occupied (and honestly overwhelmed at times), but Joanna continues to be encouraged by receiving cards/notes/drawings in the mail and comments on her blog. Those “small” things bring her the most joy.

Also, we’re about to embark on daily trips to the hospital for radiation in addition to the weekly trips for chemo. If you’d like to contribute towards gas or snacks on the way, our PayPal info is:

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