Another site?

When my 9 year old was diagnosed with cancer one of the questions we faced was “how will people know what’s going on?”

There are so many tools people can use these days to share news that it can be overwhelming. Facebook, email, texting, a personal blog, Caringbridge site, Twitter, and on and on.

Our girl wanted a place to share her updates and her Daddy was able to help make that happen pretty quickly. She enjoys posting on her blog, and she really enjoys reading the comments, and hearing that people at the hospital have been following it. As her following grew, it became pretty obvious that her having her own place to share was pretty good. She has a beautiful, unique perspective and it’s cool to see her share it.

I wanted to share too. And, it seemed that having a separate site would be best so that her site stays hers. Last night Morgan made that happen for me. Of course, I have 2 1/2 months of things that have happened, and I have no idea how many of them I’ll share, or in what order I’ll do it. But, I do think that having a place that interested people can look to know what’s happening may be helpful.

It’s hard to have the same conversation lots of times. It’s not that we don’t want to share it’s just that there are only so many minutes in a day, and we want those to be well-spent. So, being able to type out what’s up instead of trying to do that multiple times seems like a good plan.

Also, sharing can be good for the soul. And, possibly quicker than therapy 🙂 Though there’s a place for that too.

I’ve been making notes about this horrific experience in a couple notebooks, a place or 2 online, and it sometimes keeps me up at night. Having one more, possibly consolidated place to record/share feels helpful right now. If that changes, it can just become another abandoned place on the web -I figure there’s room for one more of those. But, if someday someone else going through this can get some bit of comfort from hearing what it’s like for us, well, that could be a beautiful thing.

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